My Crystal Ball Says, “Stop _ _ _ _ _ _ Assholes!” (Part 3)

November 4, 2014

meme asshole

The less than enthusiastic birthday response put me on high alert, but I convinced myself not to make a big deal about it or let it ruin what I thought was the start of something great.

But things just never got great.  We seemed to always be taking two steps forward three steps back, and as usual… this relationship was driving me crazy.

I had to initiate the planning of our 2nd date and then 4 hours before we were supposed to meet he cancelled, using the excuse his friend had an emergency.  I was annoyed.

When we finally did have our 2nd date it was great!  We had dinner and then snuggled in an empty bar making out.

Our 3rd date which took place on LI was amazing.  I was happy that he made the effort to come to my home and when we took the train back into the city the following morning he held my hand the entire time.

Things seemed to moving in the right direction until he once again canceled hours before our 4th date.  This time I wasn’t annoyed, I was pissed.  We rescheduled for the next day and when I confronted him about blowing me off… again… and on such short notice…he apologized, but I just wasn’t believing his excuse that he hadn’t been feeling well the night before.

For the following two weeks I waited for him to find time to spend with me but he wouldn’t. Over text (because apparently I wasn’t worth the effort of a phone call after dating 6 weeks) he told me that he couldn’t do this right now.

About a week later I was stalking Instagram and noticed a few new pictures in his tagged photos.

This was my favorite:



I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.


7 Responses to “My Crystal Ball Says, “Stop _ _ _ _ _ _ Assholes!” (Part 3)”

  1. Douchbag.

    I’m sorry 😦

  2. 5h1rley Says:

    He’s just not that into you.. (great book – funny but true). Sorry I totally know how you feel

  3. Abstemious Gluttony Says:


    Oh, Ms. N….

    Discouragingly, antagonistically, this weasely cracksucker is nothing more than Exhibit QQQ in my omnibus treatise, “On the Need for Returning Shame to a Position of Societal Value”.

    Good Christ, whither even the fucking rudiments of common decency? Quo vadis?

    • Abstemious Gluttony Says:

      Ooh, I forgot to ask before, Ms. N.:

      In Part 1 of this narrative, you referred to the momser in question as “a guy from my past who I had reservations about”.  Did your ordeal gibe with these pre-existing concerns?

    • Abstemious Gluttony Says:

      Oh, do excuse me, Ms. N.

      No, no—not, “Did you enter into this tiger trap with an expectation of such a result?”. Rather, retrospectively, with your earlier apprehensions in mind, is this skeeve’s conduct, while no less appalling, perhaps any less astonishing than it might be from someone else?

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