I’m a 33 year old single jewish woman living in NYC with my dog.  We’re a dime a dozen.  I’m not particularly hot or skinny or rich.  I can’t get a date to save my life…so do me one of two favors…read my blog or fuck me!


14 Responses to “About”

  1. babylonmagus Says:

    And who said laughing out loud is not foreplay? Riotous!

  2. Jack Chaser Says:

    Congratulations. Your winning comment in my contest has won you the rights to name the product and receive the first product in the line.


    Thank you so much. Drop me an email so I can get your address for shipping.

  3. Abstemious Gluttony Says:

    You may be the sharpest, most honest, most soulful and goddam funniest thing in town. (Though from mentions of taking the train, Penn Station and parking lots, it seems that you may no longer actually live in town. Ahhh, feh, that doesn’t matter—you’re still the ginchiest.)
    One question: In your final thought above, must the two options be mutually exclusive?

  4. Abstemious Gluttony Says:

    Hunh. Should I feel insulted to be by-passed even for consideration? Mmmmmm…nah. After all, who the hell am I? Some faceless pseudonym who has written one response here? For all you know, I could be some vile, disgusting wretch. (Am I? Ohhh, I might be, I might.)
    With your indulgence, I’m going to be following this blog like a five year-old chasing an afikomen. And if you do mind? Well, that’s disappointing, but I’m doing it anyway.
    And regardless of where you currently reside, I’m going to believe that you are still here in town. Because it brings a tiny spark to that crusted-over little lump of coal that I call my heart.

    • WinterInNYC Says:

      My apologies sir! I merely didn’t want to assume that you were asking for yourself, that would have been much too conceited of me! Plus, how was I to know you weren’t married? Gay? In prison? If you are vile…then I look forward to meeting you shortly on Jdate!

  5. Abstemious Gluttony Says:

    Sass, depth, passion, compassion, moxie, tasteful lustiness, steel bear-trap mind, deliciously hydrochloric tongue? Dayenu!
    AND humility?
    AND discretion?
    Tchutch, we both know damn well that you are not a dime a dozen.
    All right, nothing to do but leave this “About” page, pour a tumbler of Jameson’s, crack open a fresh pack of Chesterfields, put on a lobster bib and devour you. That is, your blog.
    We now jettison the abstemiousness and revel in the gluttony.
    Honey, I’m home.
    (And, my hand to G-d, herein concludes our tired Pesedikah motif. On to Shavuous.)

  6. Abstemious Gluttony Says:

    I linked here from a comment of yours on another blog, but, for the life of me, cannot recall which. Just so very pleased that I did. You? Maybe not so much. But I sure am.

    • Abstemious Gluttony Says:

      Oh, just remembered—it was a comment of yours on AbsurdBeats’ blog from which I linked here.

      Glad that got cleared up, considering the grave import the question had for us both. :-\

  7. Abstemious Gluttony Says:

    Oh, she is clearly quite the cogitator.

    But, shall we return to our primary subject of discourse, Ms. N., i.e. you?

  8. Di Says:

    I came across your blog accidentally, read one post and couldn’t stop laughing or relating to it. It’s been the highlight of my week! You’re an awesome storyteller. Love it!

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