About two months ago, I came home from work to find my internet/cable/phone service not working.   After calling my cable provider to find out that only my apartment was having issues…the news got really good when the customer service lady told me that she couldn’t send a tech to check out the problem for 2 days.

Awesome!!!  What the fuck am I supposed to do for the next two nights without TV??? Internet??? Porn???

I glanced over at my bookcase where all of my DVDs were stored thinking I’d get through the next few days watching movies on my laptop and then I saw my Dawson’s Creek Series!!!!!

Dawson’s Creek is my all time favorite TV show….EVER!!!!  And NO…this does not embarrass me!!!!   It took me 2 weeks to watch every episode of the Dawson’s Creek series….again!  There are 128 one-hour episodes!

In 1998, the year Dawson’s Creek first aired, I was 17, a senior in high school and I was head over heels in love with my best friend who also happened to be my across the street neighbor.  He was the real life version of Dawson Leery.  I had convinced myself that I was Joey Potter and watched my life play out every Wednesday night on the WB.

The similarities between Dawson Leery and my first love Ryan Moon were scary…….

Dawson and Ryan were both tall, blonde, adorable 15 year olds.  They were both only children who grew up in beautiful houses on the water.  Dawson and Ryan were both thoughtful and sensitive and a bit straight laced.  But most importantly, both Dawson and Ryan had best girl friends that were in love with them!

Dawson and Joey lived across the creek from each other.  Ryan and I lived across the street from each other!!!!  Come on!!! Crazy right?!?!?!?

Other than our brown hair and our love for our best guy friends, there were few similarities between Joey and myself (my father wasn’t in jail for drug trafficking, my sister hadn’t been knocked up by her black boyfriend, Joey had one chin where as I had two) but it didn’t matter!!!!

Every Wednesday night I was obsessed – glued to the TV – watching what would unfold next in our love lives.

For over a year I was crazy in love with Ryan who only saw me as a friend.  I had to sit by my entire senior year of high school and watch him date and make out with other girls and each and every time my heart would break.  We would fight, he would tell me again and again that he only saw me as a friend and then we would make up after I lied and told him that I was ok with just a friendship.  I would have said anything to keep him in my life but I NEVER gave up hope that he would be my boyfriend one day.

Ryan and I did end up dating the summer before college (best time of my life).  As with most first loves….my heart was broken when I left for college and our 2 month relationship ended.  What’s the rule of thumb? For every year of a relationship you need one month to heal.  Using that calculation I should have been over him in what….5 days!  It took me years to get over him…seriously…YEARS!!!

My family has since moved out of the house I grew up in so I haven’t seen Ryan in many many years.   I fantasize about running into him in the city and having him ask me to grab a drink and catch up…of course in this fantasy he would also realize that I am his one true love, remember that I gave him the best blow jobs of his life and tell me what a mistake it was that we lost the past 14 years…

Considering Ryan lives and works in NYC it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that I would run into him….

Then one day I was grabbing a bite to eat on the UWS and….HOLY FUCK…..

There he was – Dawson Leery!!!

Hold on!!!  Don’t get too excited….not MY Dawson Leery but the REAL Dawson Leery….James Van Der Beek was sitting at the table across from me.

Of course this was the best star sighting EVER and I immediately texted Robin the awesome news (only she could truly understand how exciting this was for me).

But as I bit into my tuna melt I was definitely disappointed that I had crossed paths with the wrong Dawson!

God must really enjoy fucking with me….